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  • The Pre Shot Routine

    The one thing you will notice when watching the players on the Professional tour that runs a similar thread throughout is that they will all have a routine that they carry out before every shot. The routine may differ and the technique... Read More
  • Long Term Vs The Quick Fix

    Every golfer is unique and individual, with differing abilities, physicality, lifestyle, mindset and goals. Each golfer is also different in how they learn, not only in how they take on board information (visual, kinaesthetic, auditory) but also..... Read More
  • The Power of Perception

    How is it that two people can walk away from a party telling two very different stories of their experience, or how two people arrive at a tournament, one person is full of excitement and adrenaline, the other is full of dread and anxiety..Read More
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Getting Results

getting startedEvery golfer is unique and individual in their requirements to achieving improved results within their game.
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Welcome to Nicky Lawrenson Golf
nicky lawrenson Nicky extends a warm welcome to all ages and ability of golfer. Various tuition programmes are available to suit each individuals differing needs and requirements. Lessons may be booked on a one to one basis or within a group and may include the use of any of the Academy technology. Coaching also includes equipment hire and range balls used during the lesson.
  • Individual Tuition One to one tuition , dedicated to working with you to suit your ability, goals and lifestyle.
  • Playing Lessons The opportunity to play a full round of golf with a Professional gives you the chance to receive instant feedback on your approach to course management, a vital component to lowering your scores.
  • Six Lesson Academy Package This six lesson tuition package starts with a 45 minute consultation with Nicky. A structured programme may then be developed to suit your individual goals and requirements.
  • 'Ahead In The Game' Performance mindset coaching available on a one to one, seminar or workshop basis. Practical insights to unlocking the unlimited potential of the mind both on and off the golf course!

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Nicky Lawrenson

Nicky Lawrenson GolfPGA Fellow Professional Nicky first took up the game more than 20 years ago. In 1998 she embarked upon her professional career at the prestigious Belfry Golf Centre, host to numerous Ryder Cup matches and attained her PGA Diploma .... Read more

Getting Results

getting results with your golfpractice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect – hitting a high number of balls in a small space of time does not always produce speedy improvements. It is the quality of the practice not the quantity.read more