Welcome to Nicky Lawrenson Golf

Welcome to the world of golf coaching, where passion meets precision, and expertise blends with enthusiasm. As a golf coach, I have the incredible opportunity to guide aspiring golfers, unlocking their potential and helping them embark on a transformative journey within this great game.

Golf Coaching

At Nicky Lawrenson Golf we believe that effective coaching is the key to unlocking your true golfing potential and most importantly enjoyment, combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of the mental and strategic aspects of the game, ensuring a holistic approach to your development.



Hone your skills through one-to-one or group coaching, expertly delivered with Nicky’s unique holistic approach.

With a passion to target your individual golfing needs and aspirations, Nicky blends the technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional components of performance into her relaxed and enjoyable sessions. Welcoming golfers of all ages and abilities, packages are tailor-made to suit your requirements.



Golf provides a fantastic opportunity to meet people, network and build the kind of relationships that could last a lifetime, particularly in business

Tailor made options are available to include on-course play, wellbeing & performance workshops, unique, retreats, mobile on site coaching units, corporate half and full day training programmes along with team building events.

Nicky is also hugely passionate in supporting businesswomen in embracing and capitalising on the professional, personal & well-being benefits of the game.


Golf Events

Nicky offers a unique series of coaching clinics, seminars, breaks and retreats catering to all abilities. Whether it’s enhancing performance and confidence through one of Nicky’s insightful seminars,  improving on a residential or overseas coaching break, entertaining or networking with corporate guests, or mastering the technical elements on an intensive golf school, rest assured your golfing needs will be fully catered for offering a professional and enjoyable experience.

Women in Golf and Business.

The golf course is a fantastic place to meet people, network and build the kind of relationships that could last a lifetime, particularly in business. The mindset principles that breed success on the golf course also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance our well-being and performance both on and off the golf course.

The mission and passion of ‘Women in Golf & Business’ is to bring the wider benefits of golf to professional women, enabling the opportunity of broadening their network, influence and impact, while also realising the internal benefits of playing golf – increased focus, self-confidence and overall wellbeing. It  aims to develop a more inclusive platform both on the golf course and in business.

‘Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots’ – Dr Bob Rotella