Golf seminars are educational events designed to provide golfers of all skill levels with valuable insights, tips, and techniques to improve their game.

Attending a golf seminar offers a unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable insights that can enhance your performance on the course.

Nicky offers insightful, fun and thought provoking seminars. Golfers of all abilities are welcome and subject matters include:

Performance mindset – Fearless golf, overcoming performance anxiety.

Combating the mid round slump.

What really is the ‘Magic Answer?!’

Becoming your own best coach.

‘The Golfing Mind’

Welcoming golfers of all abilities, let Nicky help you realise how to:

  Tap into your unlimited potential
  Break destructive patterns of habit on the golf course
  Conquer the fear factor and performance anxiety
  Understand the pitfalls of a perfectionist
  Master emotions and the power of belief, expectation and perception

Upcoming Dates for ‘The Golfing Mind’ Seminars:

‘More Than Just A Swing!’ Ladies Seminar

Uniquely designed for lady golfers this informative seminar reveals key components to gaining greater enjoyment, consistency and confidence on the golf course.

Learn key aspects on maximising enjoyment, confidence and wellbeing in a fun and informative format, including:

  What really is the ‘Magic answer’ – Unlocking the key to becoming your own best coach
  The Power Sources – Optimising and understanding how the female physiology impacts distance
  Avoiding the ‘mid round slump’ – Understanding the key benefits of a golf specific nutrition and fitness program for lady golfers
  ‘The Golfing Mind’ – Maximising your enjoyment, confidence and potential from the inside out

Upcoming Dates for ‘Ladies Optimal Performance’ Day:

Enjoy an informative and insightful Ladies Optimal Performance seminar followed by lunch and 9 holes