Mental and emotional mastery are hugely significant to not only performance on the golf course but within many areas of life itself.

Change begins when any limiting patterns of habits are broken and replaced with more positive, consistent and desire-focussed thoughts and beliefs, supporting us and working in alignment with what we want.

Limiting patterns of habit at times may go unnoticed as through long periods of repetition have become an automatic and unconscious routine. Developing an awareness of our inner dialogue and belief systems creates an opportunity to guide thoughts, emotions and ultimately beliefs into the path of what we wish to achieve, which is hugely self empowering and can determine success in both sport and life.

Often we look to our circumstances and environment to change how we think and feel, ‘I will believe it when I see it!’, ‘I will believe I am a good putter when I see the evidence’, ‘I will feel confident I am a good player when I see the results’ Of course there is no denying that hitting a good golf shot or putt will instil greater confidence in a golfer and yes, a relatively sound technique will allow this to happen more consistently. However, if we constantly rely on external events to dictate our belief system and what we feel on the inside, there is greater potential for it to become more of a roller coaster ride of events, some good days, some not so good.

It is in fact our internal world that can greatly affect our external environment and results and certainly provide success on a more consistent basis.

Scientific evidence highlights that the brain is a changeable organ and holds a degree of Neuroplasticity. So in fact the brain is not hardwired, we do not have to settle for ‘that is just the way I am’ or ‘it’s in my genes!’ If we have a negative pattern of thought, which ultimately forms a belief, new neural pathways in the brain can be established, the physical structure of your brain can and will change accordingly – what an empowering opportunity!

The world of mental and emotional mastery covers philosophies from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres and the latest findings in neuroscience are continually affirming the evidence relating to the mind-body connection. To ignore this connection with regards to our performance is to leave out a huge piece to the puzzle.