Golf. More Than Just a Swing – Ebook

‘More Than Just a Swing’ is not intended to be a ‘how to’ instructional breakdown of the golf swing, there are some fantastic sources of information currently available that provide just that. It is designed to assist in steering you along a more consistent and simplified path, through an understanding aimed at preventing any unnecessary frustrations which arise through trial and error of the unknown and continual experimentation. It addresses various aspects of the game including basic technical concepts along with the importance of the mind and body as a whole. It brings together a few simple understandings which in my coaching experience, have enabled golfers to reduce their frustrations, clear a little confusion and enjoy their progress within the game. The emphasis is to create an easy to understand and self empowering guide which enables you to develop a better understanding of your game with confidence and self sufficiency. It also offers an insight into how the mind-body connection provides such an important infrastructure to performance. Golf holds great parallels to how we live our lives both professionally and personally and provides a fantastic learning curve that enables us to enhance our well-being and performance both on and off the golf course. The longer the search remains solely on the external whether through the latest piece of equipment or swing theory, the longer the magic answer will continue to remain elusive or at least inconsistently so. There may be a glimmer of euphoria now and then and there is no denying that in their own right they can aid progression, however long term consistency becomes a much greater task. Collectively it endeavours to highlight the pillars that support the platform towards maximising potential, well-being and enjoyment of the great game.